Design Flaw or Enforcement Flaw?

Have a look at this….
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Probably it was a good intention to have a barrier, probably to restrict vehicles from entering the premises but the person who designed it have failed to look on the enforcement flaw of the flawed (?) design.
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Youths…The Porn Stars

I must admit, it was funny

Even the names of the VCDs was funny (simple but funny) – “Sepagi di Candi” (A morning in Candi) and “Sepetang di Tupah” (An Evening in Tupah). There is no “Semalam di Wang” (A night in Wang) yet. Probably due to lighting problem that the “producers cum cameraman” have during the nights.

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The inconvenience of convenient

Talking about wrong timing….

12.30 am.

One of the clients had a crisis (their server had crashed) and I was notified via telephone call. Since I was awake watching TV, I thought I could log-on to the net and check the details with the client using MSN Messenger. So, there I was…connecting to internet which took sometime to be hooked.

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