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Dirty ‘Darth Vader’ stuns women

The force is everywhere and even everyone seems to be getting into the act. This is a darker side of Vader.
The Star today reported that women factory workers in two industrial areas were appalled and screamed when a man in full Darth Vader costume flashed them.
A 33-year-old factory supervisor who identified herself as “Priscilla” said the man got out of his tinted two-door car, strutted about menacingly in his Darth Vader suit before opening it and revealing himself to 15 women workers standing at a bus stop at about 7am.
“At first, I thought he was a die-hard Star Wars fan trying to impress us with his costume. But we were shocked when he showed us his private-parts,” she said.
The women were waiting for buses to take them home after their night shift. “We were all exhausted after a long day at work and did not see the man’s face as he was wearing a dark mask,” she said.
“Next time it will not be “Revenge of the Sith” but revenge on a sick man if we catch him doing his act again,” she added.
The flasher was reported to have displayed himself to another group of workers at a nearby factory.
When contacted, Acting OCPD Supt Mohd Taib Latif said the police need more information such as the flasher’s car registration number to track him down.
Perhaps the dark force is with this “Darth Vader” and he might just get away with it….
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