My son and meal time

My son is very picky when it comes to meal time.

It used to be easy when he loved his milk and Nestum but nowadays, he is opting for “mee sup”, “chicken rice”, “dim sum”, etc. His favorite nowadays is Vitagen which he drinks & finishes in a sip. Even my wife is having difficult time to cook something to his liking. I am helping her in sense of searching recipes in the net for her but there is not much “Asian-ised” recipes for toddlers around.

Sometimes, we will wait until he is really hungry before giving his meals. Sometimes, of course, he gives us false alarm by leading us to think that he is hungry. My wife would rush to prepare his meal but he would take one look at what is on the plate and would refuse to eat.

* My son managed to give a smile between his meals (which not all went into his mouth)

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