The inconvenience of convenient

Talking about wrong timing….

12.30 am.

One of the clients had a crisis (their server had crashed) and I was notified via telephone call. Since I was awake watching TV, I thought I could log-on to the net and check the details with the client using MSN Messenger. So, there I was…connecting to internet which took sometime to be hooked. When I clicked on the MSN, the Windows asked me to setup the Passport details (whatever). Since I had recently reformatted my PC (another frustration of Windows crashing), I went ahead to click to setup (otherwise I cannot use the MSN). After almost 10 minutes, I managed to setup the Passport.

12.45 am.

Thinking that I am ready, I clicked on the MSN again and guess what…the Windows informs me that there is a newer version of MSN and asked whether I want to install it now. I said forget it and I want to use what I have. I clicked NO and thinking of logging on. The Windows keeps shutting down the MSN. This went on for couple of times until I re-read the fine statement “You cannot proceed until you have installed the latest version”. Damn!

Ok, I will download the latest one. What the heck? The file was 7.02 MB and with my 56K modem, it took almost 25 minutes to download the file.

1.15 am.

I managed to install the damn latest MSN, restarted the PC (it was not me but it was the damn Windows) and logged-in. My client was unfortunately was not. So there was I was logged in with the very latest MSN but could not check anything. After 10 minutes waiting, I shut my PC and went to bed.

Wasted an hour of my sleep for nothing

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