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World’s largest sex survey

The world’s largest sex survey is back…

The 2005 Durex Global Sex Survey was launched on May 23. Those who respond to the survey could win a three-day, two-night weekend at Pangkor Laut Resort.

Go and make Malaysia proud…

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9 thoughts on “World’s largest sex survey”

  1. So much focus is placed on sex. Why don’t people use the money for the trip to help starving children, instead of going to malaysia and getting an STD from a lady of the night over there.

  2. What’s the point of the survey any ways? It is not going to make one squat difference. As long as there are people to pray on children and women, there will always be STD, HERPES and all the nasty diseases out there. The bottom line will always be the children will always be the victim of all this.

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