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Ahh! Cockroach Attack!

What a way to start the month….

I was at my local sundry shop buying my RM1.00 nasi lemak for breakfast when I caught sight of a very large cockroach running around on the floor. I started to panic when it headed towards me. Quietly I moved from it’s line of “sight”. I do not want to be caught jumping and screaming.

I took my eyes off for a moment when I was paying for my nasi lemak. I looked around for the cockroach and it was gone. Gone! Now I was really worried. I looked around my pants, hoping it is not on me. I then realised it was on a lady’s pants (she hopped in for a sandwich). Before I could warn her, she went out and drove away with the cockroach still clinging onto her pants.

Now just imagine if the cockroach decides to go inside her pants whilst she was driving. I dare not think about it.

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