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Cooking Class Made Simple

Yesterday my wife decided to cook a simple dish for dinner – fried Rice vermicelli or better known as fried mee hoon (also known as mee boon in some part of the country). It is part of my “weight-reducing” strategy.

So, for the newbie who wanted to cook one but not sure how to do, let me share the know-how. Of course, you can always check on the net for details (Google search shows 32,600 records for “mee hoon” alone):-

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* The raw ingredients – onions, garlic, eggs, “udang kering” (a must!), chili powder and fresh chilies – all easy to get from the local sundry shop

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* Oh ya, don’t forget, the mee hoon. Must be soaked in water before cooking

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* Cook the raw ingredients first with a bit of oil and water and salt.

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* Draw out the water unless you are thinking of doing mee hoon soup instead

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* Mix the mee hoon with the raw ingredients and stir it until well cooked (make sure you have a strong arm to do the stirring or else get your husband or boyfriend who is relaxing with his PC, as in my case, to do the stirring for you)

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* Dinner all served! Smaller plate for me so that I would eat less at night. Sigh

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