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Don’t feed monkeys at Taiping park

News from my wife’s hometown…

“THE Taiping Municipal Council has issued a stern warning to visitors not to feed the monkeys in the lake gardens or face a fine”

I am not sure whether that is going to change the monkey’s attitude as I have seen the monkeys’ actually chasing people to grab food from their hand. Even we don’t dare to get down from the car at various spots in the lake garden as it will be fully occupied by the monkeys (some are just huge)

It will better if the Municipal Council instead catch some of the monkeys (especially those huge ones) to keep their population down. It is because sometimes we have no choice but to feed the monkeys if we want to escape any attack from them

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* Equally “trouble-maker” monkeys in Batu Caves. This one actually tried to grab my wife’s handbag after innocently (& quietly) standing beside her. Luckily I gave it a good kick to chase it away

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