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E-mail soon for Perak newborns

Soon, newborns in Perak will not only be given birth certificates, but also e-mail addresses. In what could probably be the first such plan in the country, the state will embark on an E-mail 4 All project under its information communications technology (ICT) blueprint.

The question is what is the point of having emails if you don’t the right infrastructure and the age to use one?

“The move will push parents into the ICT age because they will have to learn how to use the e-mail for their newborns”

Come one…not all parents are as dumb as what one thinks. My son was born in Perak and he does not to have an email to get me and my wife going (into the ICT age). It is a clear cut that someone somewhere in the Perak State Government has proposed this as another waste of rakyat’s money. Who is going to maintain the infrastructure / servers for all this emails? Unless the State Govt is thinking of using Hotmail or Yahoo address, the maintenance is going to be very high

You can have all the column for an e-mail address for easy communication but if the addressee does not bother to reply your email…you can kiss the project goodbye (probably after couple of millions spend on the doomed project)

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