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Proton continues to rule…

Somehow I know this will happen when the “hornet’s nest was stirred” on the AP holder issue. There were arguments from all sides…some asking to reveal the names and some saying it is top secret. Guess who is the winner of this “drama” (clue: someone who has just launched a new model this week )

The PM said “The cars we are importing … we wouldn’t want cars of the type that compete with Proton in terms of engine capacity and size. They (AP holders) should concentrate on bigger capacity cars,”

If this is followed, Proton would not have any competitors and in turn will lack the competitiveness to produce good quality cars. The rakyat on the other hand….is screwed once again. They are left with limited choice (as if the choice now is good)

I mean if the Govt wants to take action against these AP holders for under-declaring the value which meant lower revenue for the Govt, by all means, go after them. But to use such excuse that such models are competing with Proton is just over the board. This is lame excuse to continue the failed project.

If this happens, Proton will continue to be the jaguh kampung

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