Speed Demons on Highway

We were on the way back home from Taiping last week.

At about 4.35 pm (05.06.2005) after Bukit Gantang pit stop, I was tailgated by a truck, who was flashing furiously at me to give way. From the rear mirror, all that I can see is the truck’s lights (he was damn close!). I was driving at 110 km/h on the fast lane, overtaking slower cars. As I was already on an overtaking maneuver, I had no choice but to complete the overtaking and move over. I sped up and the truck was still tailgated me dangerously. I managed to move over and let the driver to overtake me. What made me furious about the driver is that he was driving too fast and too close – so fast that his back trailer was actually swaying to the left and right, forcing rest of the motorist to keep a safe distance

(By the way, the truck does not belong to MasKargo or it’s subsidiaries – it belongs to a 3rd party contractor)

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The driver speeding on the highway at more than 120 km/h!

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PFW 8040 – caught you on camera! And within minutes, the driver have gone very far in front (my speed then was 100 km/h)

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