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Standard price for nasi kandar

“MORE than 2,000 nasi kandar restaurant operators nationwide have agreed to come up with a standardised pricing scheme for food and drinks sold at their premises to prevent consumers from being overcharged”

Finally, it is happening but after these restaurant operators raked huge profits (of course). I still remember the time (about 3 years ago) that having nasi kandar was almost a yearly affair for me and my colleagues. Even that one, we tend to have it after our annual bonus. Yes, it is not that expensive (as compared to eating in a 5 star hotel) but the problem was, we would never know how much will be charged at end of the day.

When we were in Sungai Petani, the nasi kandar that we had was less than RM5.00 per plate but when we were in KL, the minimum charged was RM14.00. Other places in KL were charging RM10.00 to RM20.00. In the end, we decided to have McDonalds as the price is the same no matter we go.
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It is about time someone comes up with standardise price…now, on changing the curry pot….maybe it will take couple of years to do something about it (perhaps I will talk about it some other time)

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1 thought on “Standard price for nasi kandar”

  1. They should have a standard pricing, anyway in Penang prices are OK. Use to have aplate of nasi kandar with(rice,chicken,egg,bendi) for less than RM5-00. Penang standard cheap n

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