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Toy for me!

When you are small and when your papa and mama took you to the supermarket, the only place that made any sense was the toy section. You will drool over all the fantastic toys but it will make you sad when your parents don’t buy the toys that you want.

Never mind, you say to yourself “when I grow up, I will use all my money to buy toys”.

Fast forward by 25 years

You are now grown up and have a good monthly income. When it comes for you to bring your son to the supermarket, the last place you wish to go is the toy section. All because you don’t have enough cash and do not want to disappoint your son.

It happens to me all the time

Anyway, there are times when certain toys are at a discounted price and you don’t mind paying for it because you want to play with it…err…I mean you want your son to play with it

The latest good bargain was the “Tesco” truck made of metal and was sold for only RM9.90. It’s very heavy and well built (I think it is from the UK)

Image hosted by
* Looks real from this angle

Image hosted by
* Oh no…under attack from my son!
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