Malaysian Football – Lessons Learned?

(Malaysian “Spiderman” – The late R Arumugam in action in the 80’s. Picture source:

Playing Football Manager 2006 for past few weeks and reading in horror that the Government is going to “spend” RM490 million to build a sports training centre in London prompted this post.

Youth and Sports Minister Datuk Azalina Othman said in Parliament yesterday that it had identified the Tun Abdul Razak Research Centre in Brickendonbury, England, as the site for the future high performance sports training centre.

End of World Cup 2006

“Damn! There goes my RM20”

That was my thought early this morning when I heard Italy had beaten France for the Cup. However, I was not that disappointed on my losses – my World Cup betting was still in a positive net (thanks to Brazil) and the winning colleague usually buys lunch for the rest of us (so we get to cover back some there)

No, I did not watch the game and missed on the Zidane’s head butt incident.…

Some PPS Ping post titles also sucks!

This is something that I wanted to highlight for some time now

Shaolin Tiger spoke on how the quality of content on PPS has dropped dramatically couple days ago. Well, I can’t comment on that really because definition and acceptable level of quality differs from one to another.

But what I noticed from the PPS pings lately is there are some increasing number of pings that…well…has this really “selfish” blog titles.…

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