My Cousin – The Henna Artist

You probably have heard of henna or may even use it on a regular basis.

For we Indians (and Malays), henna artwork is usually used in weddings – as an art on the hands of the bride and bridegroom. Most women would also apply it on special occasions. So, it was a blessing in disguise for the women at home to have someone in the family to do the henna artwork with fairly good skills and for free of charge too.

My cousin has been doing it for free for all occasions at home and at his office. It started as a hobby and now he does henna artwork at his office and at special function. Whenever there is a special occasion in the family, you can find him with his “customers” queuing to get henna artwork done on their hands and sometimes on their arms.

He does henna artwork for children especially for his 3 year old daughter but doing henna artwork on children takes extra patience and resilient. That is because children, as you know, don’t sit still and more than often wanted to touch the henna. That usually messes up the artwork causing my cousin to do extra touch-ups.

Doing for the ladies is fairy an easy job – the ladies sit still whilst my cousin patiently works on the various artworks on their hands. The problem here is that there are too many ladies queuing up for the henna artwork – so, my cousin spends hours sitting at one place and getting the artwork done. I recall once he came from work at about 6.00 pm and immediately started on the henna artwork. At about 11.00 pm, he was still working on it and there were 2 – 3 ladies waiting their turn.

The guys on the other hand – stay as far away from this henna artwork. Probably the issue of being macho is the cause here. But once in a while, when my cousin is free, another cousin asks him to do some artwork on his arm. Nothing feminine of course but then again, nothing like gangster as well.

As for the artwork, it is left to the artist’s imagination but in this case, my cousin wanted to add his name on the art being performed on his arm. Still not finished, the “sun” shape starts to look well done. Still looks macho.

The final art (not shown) was the sun at the top and a large sword at the bottom. Tag: Indian

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2 thoughts on “My Cousin – The Henna Artist

  1. Visithra – it’s ok…I been too busy to blog-hop and to do up a post. Ya, it is a rare sight to see a male henna artist and that’s what my cousin told me too. People in his office were surprised.

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