Why Blogs should ignore Zam?

(Picture source: http://www.iranian.com) 

Oh…at least for now, of course! 

Aisehman, Jeff Ooi and Rocky Bru have blogged about it but Dewan Karut enlighten me with the right reason:-

Bayangkan…ramai MP kat Parlimen tu. Semua orang punya suara yang sama kat dalam sana. Satu-satunya cara untuk orang (khususnya media) memberi perhatian kat awak, ialah dengan mencetuskan kontroversi.

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Grandma house from space!

(Day 31 in Kabul)

Google Earth certainly has some interesting view from space…ya, I am discovering it a bit late. Some of the satellite pictures was a bit outdated – one was my new house. It was still a vacant land, being cleared for “future” development. The old house was visible, so was IOI Mall and the rest of the “good old” Puchong area.… [Click to read the rest] “Grandma house from space!”

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