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If you can’t fight them…

I was not feeling well yesterday and now I know why…

How fast some people can change to suit their needs? One day they say blogs are bad and need to be curtailed but on another day, they say use blogs to “keep abreast of new information technology”. Zam said that “many officers are still using outdated methods in disseminating information and are not maximising advertising space to the fullest” I am pretty sure that he talking about himself. If he is not, then is this another case of “foot in the mouth” statement? Haven’t he heard of the concept “leadership by example”?

And another thing that annoying about his gung-ho statement – Zam said that before blogs or websites were up, RTM and newspapers were among the popular sources of information for society. Ya right! It akin to people saying that Proton is the best selling car in Malaysia – not because people want to buy the car but rather because there is no other choice. Same goes to RTM & newspapers – it used to be “popular” because people had no other choice. With the increasing usage of internet, the source of information is more readily available. So, why waste time waiting for the prime time news when all it needs is a RSS feeder to get the latest news in seconds.

And people are getting smart too, they know that anything negative about the government will never ever be shown or published on RTM or any ofthe main stream newspapers, so the best other choice is to get the real news from websites and blogs. In the real world, no one is perfect – so if one is claiming to be main source of information, they have to be independant and report both positive and negative news. I don’t see that happening to our local media in a million year.

So, if you can’t fight them, then join them seems to be game that Zam is playing for now. Or is he?

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