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Bailout – next change?

WARNING! Contains language highly suitable for politicians but not for ordinary civic minded readers – proceed with care.

(Anyone care for lollipops? Looks like being a sucker is a Malaysian thing now. Photo source:

What an extra RM3 billion to some people? For some who is politically linked, it means bailing them out from a shit hole whilst they walk away with easy money (whilst happily singing “Malaysians are one big suckers!”). For the rest who go by the name of “rakyat” (that is ordinary citizen for some), it means day light robbery from our funds – it means it’s time for them to tighten their belt (again!).

The Port Klang Free Zone fiasco has been going on for some time and I lost interest on it – the very mentioned of “son in law” between the lines was enough to indicate something has gone wrong. But now, it is getting crisper – it looks like the government is going to bail the rot out with a cool RM3 billion (or is it RM4.6 billion?). And guess, whose money, the fuckers going to put their hands into? Any guess?

With a lot things being revealed in the background such as “red tape, political meddling, inaccurate minutes and attempted tax evasion” (read all here before some Samy Vellu look-alike cry “OSA” to drop the story) coming into the light, the idea of a government bailout should be high enough to kick some politicians from their seats and into the trash can in some deserted back alley (I guess some idiots were not fast enough to sweep it under the carpet but then again, RM4.6 billion is not small thing to sweep. But I am sure some smartass in the Government will drop everything to find a way, you just wait and see).

RM4.6 billion is certainly no child play…

Does it not sound like that RM4.4 billion that some guy by the name of “Pak Lah” said will be used for the development of the country? But in the end, no body knows what happened to that money? So, is this RM4.6 billion going from the people’s pocket to some politicians’ pocket? Ya, some of you will say that it is to pay back the banks but where did the bank’s money went in the first place?

It is fine with me if the government is looking into giving the Port Klang Authority more time to pay back the money, perhaps give some discount along the way but make sure the bastards who screwed up the deal big time are stripped naked and whacked hard.

And don’t even get me started on the compensation of RM1.12 billion for a cancelled bridge. The last I heard, Samy Vellu was playing behind the bush with the actual amount to be paid. There was public outcry on this but nothing was resolved to minimise the leakage.

Probably these politicians have been read too much into the story of Sparta when King Leonidas said “Give them nothing! But take from them everything!” For the politicians – them means the people?

As Rocky said “The shit has just hit the fan” but I am wondering on whose face? The public as usual?

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