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Before & After

(Expect me to do a “late blogging” from now onwards due to work commitments and the strong urge to sleep once reach home)


Election fever is in the air, so expect some last minute strategy to be tossed out to distract the people’s attention from the real issues. I guess this is the “before” the election strategy (from the Star couple days ago):-

Umno adopts ‘4M’ approach for election.

Merapatkan barisan (close ranks);

Meramaikan ahli dan pengundi (get more members and voters);

Mesra rakyat (be people-friendly); and

Menyelesaikan masalah rakyat (solve the people’s problems).

The last 2 “M” by Najib is a bit comical because he said something that we usually don’t get from the local boys unless it was election time of course. Remember Ijok, anyone?

“The third M states that we must always be people-friendly in our party approach and personal capacity. He added that by right, all assemblymen should be servicing their constituents from the first day they were elected and not just during the period leading to the election” .

I had to re-read his statement but did he said “by right”? Gosh, what the “toot” the politicians been doing in the last 3 years? Discounting some who are honest in discharging their duty, when did the national leaders have been servicing the need of the nation when it was required? Pak Lah did a quick “missing in action” when flash flood hit the state of Johor. Samy Vellu threatened with OSA (Official Secrecy Act) when the people voiced the displeasure on the toll hike. Parliament seems to be downgraded into a “big kandang” (large animal cage) when it comes to quality parliamentary debates (remember the “leaking” issue?).

Najib said the last M was to ensure all the people’s problems and grievances were attended to and promptly re-solved. “We are into our third year since the 2004 election and it is time to prepare,” he said.

3 years down the line and only now, they are “warming up” to serve the people? All this time, I thought only the team captain has been warming the seat but now it seems like all the players have been doing the same too. What happened to your last election manifesto? How many of it was fulfilled? You want me to go through it, just in case you have forgotten about it? I know that it is just propaganda from your end when you wasted money printing the manifesto but at least you could have tried to work on some of it.

So, what will happen after the election? Come up with another “4M” approach starting with “menunjuk keris perkauman untuk memusnahkan perpaduan antara kaum” (showing off the racist dagger to destroy the national unity)? It is not like this and other things have not been going on in the background.

So, you can keep your “4M” or whatever you want to call it but Najib, at end of the day, what was done is what matters. Can you prove us wrong?

By the way, the Bar Council has jumped in to help out the bloggers (Read: Wither free speech? – Lawyers Needed! Bloggers under threat in Malaysia). It looks like not everyone is anti-bloggers.

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