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Politician Talk

(Perhaps inspired by Raja Petra or lack of inspiration to think other things, I seem to be more incline to write about politics presently. Perhaps I should grab hold of my camera and start taking photos of my son or my new showcase to get a break from this madness)


(Picture source: Malaysiakini)

There is a saying in Africa (I think, someone told me this when I was in Ghana) that you can trust the word of the devil but never trust the word of a politician. And as if it is true, I found the following in today’s the Star:-

On Bloggers

KUALA LUMPUR: Information Minister Datuk Seri Zainuddin Maidin says not all bloggers are stupid as some of them are informative, knowledgeable and disseminate positive views on current issues.

“Readers of these blogs read them to pass time and for fun, akin to reading a ghost story. The people must be able to distinguish between goblok bloggers and bloggers,” he added.

Reading to pass time and for fun, akin to reading ghost story? The more I think of it, it is apparent that this Zam is one big idiot (at least that how he is kicking himself to be) – he does not have a clue about bloggers and yet, he is in the forefront making adverse comments about bloggers in the mainstream media (anyway, thanks for the free publicity, Zam).

The state of the country is a serious matter and never to be taken as being for fun. Some politicians may be thinking so but not many of us. So, when we blog about it, we are blogging because we want positive change.

The only “horror story” that most of us are reading lately are the “feel-good” lies that is dished out by the politicians in light of election season.

On Racist

KLANG: Umno Youth deputy chief Khairy Jamaludin has refuted allegations by the Opposition that the movement practises racism.

“How can we be racist, when we are defending equality?” he asked after opening the Kapar Umno division youth delegates meeting here yesterday.

This is a serious joke from this guy – UMNO is defending equality? UMNO is not racist? Armageddon must be very near if this is true. You can never find a racist that more hardcore than some in UMNO.

Just pick NEP and the “UMNO Keris” for some immediate example – it is not only racist but also unfair and detriment to nation building as well. Or what about the UMNO youth’s sign saying “Jangan cabar kesabaran kami” (don’t test our patience) in regards to a Hindu temple.

On Politicians & Sports

IPOH: There is nothing wrong with having a political figure run a sports association or body, said Perlis Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim.

“Our presence has always brought stability to the association concerned. We have never destroyed the sport, we advanced it.” His reasoning was that political figures were willing to volunteer their time and could find financial support more easily. “On the other hand, getting professionals to head the associations might not be easy. Some of them are only interested in the money,” he said.

This is something new – professionals interested in money only? And you are saying politicians don’t? We call some professionals “professional” for a reason and not all because they are bloodthirsty for money. I don’t know but probably it takes one vulture to recognize another?

Will someone give Shahidan a knock on his head to wake him up? If the Malaysian has been “advancing” under the wet armpit of politicians all this while, I really wonder why we have not produced world class sportsmen (except for squash, of course) and been the whipping boys in this region.

Election days must be very near indeed!

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  1. Enough of the racist polictician. Must vote for opposition for a change. Tell you friends and relatives to do the same. This is the most effective way of changing.

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