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Budget 2008


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I heard it is budget time again; it is time to present how politicians can make more money how the country’s wealth will be managed for the coming year.

The usual things

For most of us, we probably are watching out for the increase in tax of cigarettes and alcohol (don’t worry, it will increase anyway) and the rest of the budget details will be read in the “summary” in the newspapers. We are tired of twists in the financial figures to justify the government’s lavish spending. You can count on the politicians will come out in the opening praising the budget as “people’s budget” (the usual trick used when want to show that it was prepared with people’s interest in mind but when it was not).

Outside budget expenses

Its funny when you think about it – budget is prepared year in year out but when the time comes, money is often used for things that are outside the budget – like the RM600 million pay out to the UMNO heads. Where was that RM600 million in that year’s budget? Can you imagine how many schools, hospitals or libraries that can be built with RM600 million? And yes, we are indeed tired of it…

New hope?

But there is a glimpse of hope in the distance. 2008 however is different. It is different because the oppositions are finally doing something we have expected to do years ago – play the role of shadow government. And in this year, both DAP and Parti Keadilan (I lost the link but I have downloaded it) has come out with their own 2008 budget. PAS is missing from the radar on this one.

Between the 2, DAP’s 2008 Budget looks more comprehensive and well prepared (despite not having the full access to Government resources). I liked the part on the highway robbery concessionaire’s agreement. It was interesting to note that under Para 133 of the document, the bastards Litrak will make an extra RM17 billion in profit and they dare say that they are loosing money due to low traffic? Pardon me but I think it is one of the shittiest excuse given by them or the head honcho in the Ministry, Semi Value.

Yet to be seen

The more I read into the DAP 2008 Budget, the more I realised that we have a not-so-smart Finance Minster (“google” to see who) and I dread the crap that will be presented on the 2008 “official” budget.

If you are concern citizen, download DAP’s 2008 Budget and read…at least when you are being duped covered in the real 2008 Budget, you can spot the differences (read the interesting examples in the documents as well).

The oppositions especially DAP is coming to age…

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4 thoughts on “Budget 2008”

  1. but then again… i spotted a typo in DAP’s budget…negligible of cos.

    anyway… no matter what we say… DAP’s budget will remain… only as a proposal.

  2. call me ignorant, call me selfish, call me whatever…
    I really really like the proposal regarding the national broadband plan that came from the “other side”.
    Didn’t see much of that in the “real” budget…

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