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Harjit – Class of 1982

(Note: I have resized the photo for easy loading and better dimension. If you need the originals, let me or Harjit know)

I will be posting photos (in a series of posts) from guest blogger, Harjit who was kind enough to response to my call for old La Salle Brickfields photos. Although he was not in the same batch with me (he was my senior by almost 4 years), those photos that he sent brings back memorable memories (especially seeing teachers and the background). I did not get the “story” behind the photos, so if Harjit could elaborate more, it will be good.

Class of 1982 (Standard 6) headed by Master Kua who was also my class teacher in Standard 6 (looks like he is wearing the same big size belt). I recognized some of the seniors in the photo but I can’t recognize where this photo was taken.

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1 thought on “Harjit – Class of 1982”

  1. Bala,

    Thank you kindly for posting my class picture and subsequently for the future posts.

    In regards to the specifics of this picture, it’s quite easy to spot me as I’m the only one with the bun on the head or as it used to be refered by Malaysians as “konde”!! This picture was taken in front of the Standard 4-6 wing. The wall in this picture is of the main school building which housed the teacher’s lounge, band room, library (top floor), dentist office, and can’t remember what else. To be exact, the room directly behind the wall and broken windows is actually the old sports locker room. When I was in the scouts club and when we camped on the school grounds, we used that room to take showers. We used to have a blast climbing over the partitions to make fun of our fellow scouts’ jewels (or the lack of). He he he!

    Here’s what I recall from the guys in the picture:
    The kid in the dark blue shirt on the left is Ravinder. The kid in the light blue shirt, 2nd from right is Lawrence Lee. After Form 3, he went on to VI but he had a younger brother who was 3 or 4 years his junior, so some of you may know him too. The dark fellow next to me with the pearly whites is S. Nantha Kumar. He was a real bright kid who later went to RMC. He lived in Lucky Gardens, Bangsar. Some of the others in the picture who I think I recall their names are Jeswinder, Ramakrishnan, S. Krishna Kumar, Azli, and Victor.

    Hope this helps. Please let me know if anyone knows someone from this photo and knows how to get in touch with them. I’d love to contact them.



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