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Harjit – Class of 1983

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(Photo courtesy of guest blogger, Harjit)

This photo is interesting because it has Master Noel Chow who was made students tremble with fear and Master Anantha who made learning fun (by the way, you can spot instantly Harjit with one eye closed). I can’t recall other teachers’ names although they look very, very familiar – recognized the lady at the far right as the one who wrongly punished me in Form 3.

I did not really “encounter” Noel Chow when I was in La Salle Brickfields but I met with him head on in SMK Vivekananda when I was “caught” for drawing on the science lab table (caught here means I turned myself in but I got away with it). Then I met him in SMK Methodist Boys School but he was not in the same session with me but still, we avoided walking in the same path whenever we see him walking up (he has put on more weight by then and he looked more fierce even without a long cane).

One incident I still remember about Master Anantha is when he advised me and another classmate to stop fighting in the class (another long story, I will tell about this one of these days). He used very kind words but in the end, he said “if you still fight, then you will be getting my boots on your backsides. You better stop”. True enough, we stopped our fighting (very immature when I think back).

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