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Harjit – Scouts 1984

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(Photo source: Harjit. Sorry but there has been some delay in this continuing series. Harjit had sent me the above photo earlier but I have been busy to post it.)

I was a scout too when I was in Form 1 and became a troop leader in Form 3. The best part of being a scout in La Salle Brickfields is when we head to the end of the field and have our annual camping (we used plenty of sulphur from school lab around our tents to keep the snakes away). It is kind of creepy to walking around school at 2 in the morning.

The “other” waited event is the campfire gathering – those who were in scouts those days will know what I mean. Doing a paper dance was like in being heaven. Ahem!

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1 thought on “Harjit – Scouts 1984”

  1. Bala,

    That’s exactly what we used to do too during our annual camping trips at the end of the school padang. We used sulphur too for keeping the damn snakes away especially when we were so close to the chicken coup. Most of us wouldn’t sleep in the tents as they were really hot inside and the stench was real bad. We would sleep under the stars or put some tables together in a classroom. Then, we would walk around the school at wee hours of the night looking for ghosts and scarring the shit out of each other. Some of the best times during my childhood. Glad to hear that things were the same during your scouts days.

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