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Who is above the law?


No one is above the law! So says a politician.

True but it is really depends on which part of the spectrum you are in, isn’t it?

Election season is near, it’s time to silence round up the unhappy citizens herd and get them to agree on what the “people with the cane” is saying. So that after the election (and just with 60% of the votes), you can proudly say that the people has given you full mandate to run down the country (as usual the 90% of the seats in the Parliament end up as 90% of the vote of support when it is not)?

Ya right – no one is above the law except for…you know who and you ask yourself why that has nothing to do with “peace and harmony in the country”?

Sigh – isn’t just sickening to hear it from the “angels” in the Government?

Read also Jeff Ooi’s Operasi 3M where the Parliament was barb wired, the public man-handled and arrested and peaceful citizens was whisked away by the police for submitting memorandum to their MPs (Good list of Youtube videos there).

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