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2007 New Year Resolution Reviewed

Happy New Year

What a great start for this year, don’t you think? A porn movie “starring” a Federal Minister and who is only happy to say Pak Lah, his party, fellow politicians, his wife and probably all Malaysians has “forgiven” him and everything is “OK” for him to continue to hold his political position. Nothing “bad” had really happened but I am sure the “spin masters” are busy at work to neutralise the piece of shit that have hit the fan despite the resignation.

Anyway, let’s not talk about it for now – 2007 is out and 2008 is in and before I list out my New Year Resolution for this year, it will be good to run through the previous year resolution:-

Resolution 1

2007 target: To lose enough to keep my overall weight under 90 kg.

2007 achievement: FAIL – I managed to go down 90 kg immediately after I returned from Kabul but that did not last long. I am hovering around 92 kg as we speak.

Resolution 2

2007 target: To fully settle credit card dues

2007 achievement: FAIL – not that I did not reduce slightly the outstanding balance. I need to re-strategize on this

Resolution 3

2007 target: To save up at least RM3,000

2007 achievement: FAIL – December was probably the tightest cash flow I ever had in 2007. Better luck next year

Resolution 4

2007 target: To do up at least 140 post for the blog

2007 achievement: PASS – Something that does not concern with money and weight – I ended the year with a total 565 posts in the blog (an increase of 220 posts for 2007 alone).

Resolution 5

2007 target: To purchase of the household items namely sofa, TV stand and 2 showcases

2007 achievement: PASS – Achieved here but failed miserably at Resolution 2.

Resolution 6

2007 target: To complete reading the unabridged LOTR

2007 achievement: PASS – The fact that I mentioned it in this blog as a New Year Resolution is what kept me at it. Couple of pages on a daily basis is all that was needed to complete the epic book

Half pass, half fail – not too good. Next to do – 2008 New Year Resolution. Looks like that Samy Vellu fellow have beaten me on this one. Damn!

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3 thoughts on “2007 New Year Resolution Reviewed”

  1. hey you!! hope it’s not too late but here’s wishing u a more productive new year ahead n that hopefully, your 2008 resolution will come true. 🙂

    ppstt…here’s a secret – just pick ONE resolution n focus on it. better than having so many n failing them. just a suggestion!! n one which i will be blogging on REALLY soon…. 😀

  2. oh well, a 50% pass isnt something bad…. And I read Samy’s “resolution”… Shud I say that I’m an AIMST graduate for more than a year, and still no convo? It’s been slightly more than a year aledi…

    OOOPS! Did I just say that out loud?!!!

  3. Yvy – Having a few helps out to keep myself busy but yes, having one is easier to focus. 2008 will be a very busy for you, Ted and little Missy..hehe. She grows up and wait until she is able to crawl…you will be even more busy, chasing after her

    Kavilan – yes, it not so bad but when it comes to money, I need to work on it for this year. Samy, is another joker who don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. Hope God is keeping a close watch on his deeds.

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