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March 12, 2008

Devil in Disguise?

(Khir Toyo “sweeped” off from his seat)

Oh yes, why not? Since the arrogant politicians are in the “oppossition” seat, it is time to be angels. Make no mistake, sometimes the angel are non other than a devil in disguise:-

“We will also make sure that they practice good governance and if they ignore racial sensitivities, we will make sure action is taken,” said Dr Mohamad Khir

Khir and racial sensitivities – haha, ya, right, for Khir, it means demolishing temples just before Deepavali

And in the meantime, Subra is making a silent come back into MIC and he seems confident of rallying back the Indians to support MIC (and ya, indirectly Samy Vellu lah).… [Click to read the rest] “Devil in Disguise?”

Why the Opposition Cannot Fail?

(There is no time to sleep for the oppositions. Picture source:

You probably have heard by now that Samy is not leaving MIC despite the hard whack on his face.

If one is able read his mind and given the fact that he has been a screwed “Indian” leader for past 30 years, one can see that he is only bidding for time.… [Click to read the rest] “Why the Opposition Cannot Fail?”