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Ha, some drivers…

(Some drivers are slower than the kind sloths. Picture source:

Ha, here we go again…

High speeding kills, so does low speeding, right? Wrong, at least to some drivers that I meet in the morning.

Have you ever wondered of the way some drivers drive during rush hour? Leisure driving, oblivious to the heavy traffic around them and making unnecessary slow downs? It is amazing on how some people drive on Mondays with the same speed that one who drives during the holidays. Almost akin to strolling in the park, these are the drivers who clog up the smooth movement of traffic.

Precision driving and well maintained speed, only to be disrupted by one stubborn & selfish driver on the fast lane. Stubborn because despite the high-beams and honks from the fast vehicle at the back, these moron does not move an inch away from the fast lane, but instead continues to stay put on the fast lane and continue to crawl down the overall traffic.

That result in the fast cars having to cut into the 2nd lane, make a dangerous move to overtake the slow sloth on the road and cut back into the fast lane (preferably within inches in front from the slow idiot).

This whole deal could have been avoided if just these drivers move away and give way. To continue to hog the lane, is just inviting trouble and curses…

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