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Oh Fuck Uncle Lim

(Uncle Lim, you may not have realised this but you have just kicked yourself in the back! Picture source:

Just when things are going smooth, BN got their wish – dissatisfaction within the opposition coalition.

Look, not everyone who voted for DAP loves DAP, similarly to those who voted PAS or PKR. But what united the voters who voted for the opposition is the hatred against the BN. Don’t let anyone from opposition forget that.

What DAP did was inexcusable! The option was simple and clear – submit 3 names and whichever that is picked by the Regent of Perak will be the next Menteri Besar. End of story! And yet, DAP has the cheek to show dissatisfaction and openly announced that they want to boycott the swearing in ceremony. No one can be dumbass than that.

So, Uncle Lim, cut the crap and remain united. We been getting fucked up deals all along by the BN and we not prepared to start one with the very opposition that we voted in.

(Damn, I am so angry with these idiots from DAP that I am willing to vote for Samy Vellu, just to show my dissatisfaction against them)

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9 thoughts on “Oh Fuck Uncle Lim”

  1. LKS is facing a lot of pressure from all angle. Support non -Malay scold, Don’t support bodoh !, racial !. Give him some suggestions on how to deal with voters from both side.

    Islamic government, non-muslim as seen enough of BN brand of government so how to agree.

    PAS government in Kelantan. citizens of Malaysia who don’t has access to Internet does not know how the non-muslim are treated. Have all the commenters in LKS blog and here help to enlighted the people? The people only read and watch controlled media.

    Kedah,: PAS want to give DAP one exco seat. PKR hijack

    Perak;- PRK should step in to help with statements.

  2. Well Selayang – things are simple, we can’t have everything that we wanted immediately. In the case MB for Perak, the choice was up to the Regent of Perak, which in actual fact solves alot of things for DAP. If the MB been picked from PAS, then it could have told the supporters that the decision was entirely left to the Regent.

    We cannot afford to have this crap at this juncture and certainly not in this election. As someone at Malaysia Today commented – things has been so messed up by BN, change is not expected to happen overnight. Until then, DAP have to bite the button and work with PAS

  3. The Regent of Perak should have explain to his subjects.

    DAP can not screw up with the Non-muslim voters in Perak

  4. Everybody stay united. We cannot break down now. LKS we appointed you to get the Rakyat’s machinery in gear… not your own… REMEMBER THAT!

  5. Over the past 24 hours, there have been much posting on objections to LKS’s view on Perak’s MB. I hope DAP realized this and LKS withdraw his threat plus say “SORRY” to the Sultan, rakyat and PAS.

  6. Of all the issues we have to tackle: corruption, standard of living, crime, health, schooling….out of all those other important issues, LKS wants to waste time boycotting the ceremony because the MB spot went to PAS???

    OH. MY. GOD.

    Wake up, LKS. PKR & PAS leaders are willing to work with DAP. Why isn’t DAP willing to work with them in return? You are projecting a negative image of DAP.

    It’s 2008. Not 1968. Move on. Be progressive. Your party has majority of the state seats. You effectively control the state. Dont give ammunition to BN.

  7. sudden_Became_PoliticsGURU

    This is Game of Politics ! worst than the TV game show ‘Survivor’. It could turn out Bad. Anyway LKS is actually covering his ass, at least he can tell the Ipoh people I had done my job.When a PAS had took over as MB is consider PAS took over the State. Gosh! is only 5 days..can’t imagine how the next 1,825 days would be??.

  8. Whay in the world would PAS even nominate itself for the post of MB? Don’t they realise they won the smallest number of seats among the BA? This is a case of ‘tak tau malu’? This MB post should be given to PKR which represent all races better then DAP and PAS

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