In the name of fairness…

(A case of “force feeding” or “fairness”? Poster source:

Before I proceed, let’s hear what was said by a Syariah Court judge:-

Syariah Court of Appeal Judge Datuk Mohd Asri Abdullah said the seminar had proposed that non-Muslims committing khalwat (close proximity) with Muslims should also be sentenced accordingly, but in the civil courts.

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People – Before & After Death

(Picture source: Guardian UK. Photograph: Walter Schels / Wellcome Collection)

First read about it at Teh-Tarik MadrasCafe

Frightening at the beginning but something about the story and the accompanying pictures reminds us of how precious life is. Everyone will die one day but will it has be after an unsatisfactory life?… [Click to read the rest] “People – Before & After Death”

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