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In the name of fairness…

(A case of “force feeding” or “fairness”? Poster source:

Before I proceed, let’s hear what was said by a Syariah Court judge:-

Syariah Court of Appeal Judge Datuk Mohd Asri Abdullah said the seminar had proposed that non-Muslims committing khalwat (close proximity) with Muslims should also be sentenced accordingly, but in the civil courts.

“We don’t have the jurisdiction to sentence non-Muslims committing khalwat with Muslims,” he told reporters after closing the seminar on behalf of department director-general Datuk Ibrahim Lembut at Ikim here today.

“The Muslims can be sentenced in Syariah courts, and the non-Muslim partners can probably be sentenced in the civil courts, to be fair to both parties.”

Good to hear words like fairness coming up in the statement but just couple of questions for the good judge:-

  1. Can Islamic morality to be imposed on non-Muslims without consent?
  2. Is close proximity a criminal act in civil courts?
  3. In which manner, the civil court should be guided when deciding on “khalwat” on non-Muslims?
  4. How the courts are going to handle cross examination if cases are going to be heard separately in 2 different courts?

You may not realize this but you cannot impose Islamic laws on non-Muslims because they do not practice the religion. It is not right to impose adherence to something that is not recognized as valid.

In Malaysia, of course Islamisation have sipped through into daily lives of Malaysians but if it for the good of everyone, there is no problem with it. But to throw every bit & pieces of Islamic teaching into the fabric of law is utterly unfair if it is going to be affect non-Muslims.

In case the judge has forgotten and whether he likes or not and even if some politicians harp on it, Malaysia should be a secular state but it seems like it is not going to be that way.

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