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It only happens in movies

Just a quick one…

There are just too many family events for this week – wedding registrations, engagements and weddings. Need to take time off on Sunday to consolidate the stories. Anyway here is a trivial question for you (long story ahead):-

A group of male college students standing in front of the girl college and were making fun of the girls walking in for their studies. Just in front of them is a puddle of water. A car was driven (by a rich female student) in fast into the college compound and without realizing, splashed the water on the group.

The boys revert to confront the girl (who looked lost as why the boys confronting her) and splashes colored water onto her. The girls complained to the college headmistress who then calls the male college headmaster and tell about the boys.

One day, the girl was driving her car again but this time was at the back of the boys who were on motorcycle. They noticed her and despite she horns them to get out of the way and let her pass, they weave dangerously in and out, blocking her path.

Until a point the car knocks down the motorcycle, causing both boys to be admitted to hospital with serious injuries.

What happens next?

I saw a movie in TV yesterday and guess what happened? The girl falls in love with the guy. I switched off the TV immediately after that.

If I have been in the girl’s position, I would have come out of the car and shouted “Serve you right!” and would have continued to drive away.

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