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May 2008

Star Witness 2

(Do we have one? Photo source:

RPK is finally out…

When I hear Nazri talked about whistle blowers and protections under the law, I recall my earlier post titled “Star Witness”. Remember back then, this bugger said that there was a Witness Protection Act (a revelation to many of us) and then later he was proved to be wrong – there no such thing (he committed a boo-boo but acted as if there was none) but went to say that the Government is going to enact one (probably to save face?).… [Click to read the rest] “Star Witness 2”

Personal Health 101: Unhealthy Health Diet


(Something related to health considering I had to skip my Wednesday posting yesterday because was held up in the hospital the whole day. The regular posting will continue next week).

I was at the hospital yesterday (my wife need to go for ultrasound, x-ray and scope all in one go) and was held up till 4 in the afternoon (no thanks to a slow insurance claim processing – I could have paid cash but since I am paying so much for insurance, the waiting was worth it).

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Crazy Drivers

(Not being bias or what but I think someone need to study this further)

2 crazy lady drivers in 2 days a row   – hell, it is getting suicidal depending on which side of the road you are. The government may be spending millions to get our roads safer to use but with idiots on the road, there is no lack of selfish & dumb avenues that these people bastards can do to get other law abiding motorists killed or injured. … [Click to read the rest] “Crazy Drivers”