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Blogging 101: Manya Blogger Award

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I certainly have my strong views on MIC especially it comes to highway issue (because of, you know who), Hindraf and Maika issues but certainly nothing personal against PMIC, considering how “tame” they has been compared to UMNO Youth fanatics. Tame in many ways indeed.

But things have changed since the last election, after MIC almost got wiped out. Changes have been slow, real slow (and I am not even talking about the “cosmetic” changes that was boasted by MIC leadership sometime ago) but at least it is moving in the right way (they are supportive of Hindraf’s calls to release those in ISA).

I have been “loosely” following up on PMIC’s Manya Blogger Award, not because the PMIC decided to do one (yes, the election tide has changed things – heck, UMNO Youth even decided to create a blog after all the names they called us bloggers before the election era) but rather wanted to see how PMIC been warming up to bloggers (I am aware that it is run by bloggers too) and how the responses has been so far.

However I have avoided “talking” about it, that is until Kavilan did this post. I must say that I was flattered and felt like need to say something (ya, I have voted for him).

But what is the purpose of this Manya Blogger Award in the first place? Why it was not done much earlier? Why now? Is it just a cheap PR stunt pulled by PMIC – I asked myself when I first heard about it. Anyone would have felt the same.

With that in mind, I saw this reason from the website:-

Manya Blogger Awards is an initiative by Putera MIC to recognize and honour the bests of all Malaysian Indian Bloggers. Manya, derived from Sanskrit, means honourable or respectable and here, we take the pride of bestowing first-of-its-kind awards to extraordinary Malaysian Indian Bloggers voted by the readers of Malaysian Indian blogging world.

Blogging is not only about freedom of speech, but it is also a tool to educate and create awareness amongst ourselves about the happenings, which in turn makes us knowledgeable.

The pool of bloggers of Indian origin in Malaysia may be only 1% of the total Malaysian bloggers, but the role that they play in disseminating information, sharing ideas and voicing lay people’s grievance, could not be denied. They have shown that they are not only capable of expressing themselves in words, but also have the capability to pull in foreign blog readers as well.

My, my things have certainly changed since I last looked up at the words “Ruling Political Parties & Bloggers” ha ha. I have been following up on some of the blogs posted by MIC leaders (haven’t seen one by dear old Samy although Dr M is active blogger now). Nothing to shout about but I can’t blame them though. It’s difficult to go against the party’s line within BN (SAPP tried the same but they are out now).

The thing is – it’s good that PMIC is acknowledging the work of Indian bloggers and doing up a proper recognition on their blogging contributions but I hope that change does not stop there.

Fancy awards, recognitions and in case of bloggers, traffic is certainly welcomed but for those who been working on issues relating to the community and the country as whole, a change in perception, attitude and political will on real issues is what we are looking out for.

But in the meantime, please vote the bloggers for the award here (certainly I have visited interesting new blogs)

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7 thoughts on “Blogging 101: Manya Blogger Award”

  1. Back to the race conscious issue – why Indians alone and why not Malaysians? Aren’t we all Malaysians? Well, what else MIC/PMIC can do, they can’t diverge, only converge…

  2. My views on the award haven’t actually changed since I opted out of it, I don’t get why it has to be for one race, why it is being done by a political party and why they’re not focusing their energy on under pressing issues – bloggers really don’t need help.

    yes awards are nice – but not the kind with a hidden agenda

  3. To Mr.Balajoe,I just would like to say one thing , as one of the organisers of Manya Awards.. THANK YOU.

    Thanks a bunch for dropping by our blog 🙂 At least you took the “burden” of clicking here n there to reach our blog and I see you have gone through our blog also. Thanks alot.

    To Sinistra, well, changes takes time. For 50 years we have had race based party only ( mostly ) . One step a time,we take. Anyway, out of 12 Categories , 2 are open for all races. And if everything goes on well, next year,Manya is open for all Malaysians 🙂

    And to Visitra, if i reply to her,we know where it will lead. will be just another long battle in online world. If i dont reply , it will mean im ‘chicken’ing out. Well , let me just be a chicken for a while. To quote Mr.Balajoe, have to focus on things more important now.

  4. I think to be fair – we should separate the organiser from the political party that is behind for scope and focus of each entity may be different. But as what Visitra had mentioned, there should not be any “hidden agenda” (not that it will affect us of anything or will stop us from writing on them but it’s more on being straight and upholding good principles)

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