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The sodomy angle

(“Wayang kulit” or shadow play is often played on real life too. Image source:

This is certainly turning into the joke of the year…

Ok, by now the case of 23 year old kid complaining about being sodomised by a 61 year old politician is on every mainstream and alternative media and likely on everyone’s mind (bloggers no need to say lah).

Out of many, Malaysiakini sums up on what most of us are thinking about this latest version “wayang kulit” to hit our shores:-

The notion that a 61-year old with a bad back can forcibly sodomise a strapping 23-year old is laughable. This is simply not the kind of thing that anyone, not even Anwar’s harshest critic, is going to believe. Instead, people are going to conclude that it’s a desperate, politically-motivated conspiracy.

The “truth” is that the above statement is not far from the “truth”. This is the first impression that many of us are having (but we will let the police investigate anyway).

Badawi & Najib

And so typical of Malaysians, many conspiracy theories are being tossed around. The obvious ones are that this latest attack on Anwar Ibrahim comes from Badawi or Najib (the usual culprits). The very same people who is likely to lose their jobs in the Government should Anwar Ibrahim decides to form the next Government in September (according to Malaysia Today). Another angle of usual suspect is Dr M (this is a long shot lah) – the PM during the first sodomy case against Anwar. These are the usual possible suspects to many Malaysians.


Then there is another angle which makes interesting and far reaching idea but possible – Anwar himself. That is according to this blog. It sounds logical but then again, the timing seems to be not right. Why throw a spanner into the work when everything is moving smoothly (unless there is something we do not know). Let’s keep this in mind when rounding up the suspects for such a laughable accusation.


What about the possible evidence that Anwar claims he has against the IGP and the AG, the 2 highest officers of law and justice in the country, of misconduct & fabrication of evidence? Is the charge against Anwar, an attempt to distract the attention from the possible and potential embarrassment to the Government? Once again, it is possible.

Unfinished business

In the meantime, the Malaysians have been tossed with a bone called “conspiracy theory” to take their mind off from the rising fuel price and cost of living. This should last for sometime until someone gets something else for the Malaysians to distract the mind from real issues affecting average citizens.

For now, several events have taken place since the accusation first surfaced – Anwar have filed defamation suit against the accuser, the police (wow, so swift!) have started their “CSI” work on alleged place of crime (will they find another “stained” bed?), Badawi & Najib have denied that they were involved in the latest charge and Anwar got an assurance on the safety and have left the Turkish Embassy. The accuser on the other hand has gone into hiding.

What’s next on the ‘wayang kulit’ menu? It should be getting more interesting in the next few days.

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