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July 14, 2008

Hollow Resolutions

(MIC – all talk, no actions? All resolutions, no real action? Image source:

Will hardly make a dent but anyway…

MIC had concluded its one day AGM and certainly it has passed without most of us hardly noticed. I am sure the same old story would have been tossed for the audiences (the usual “key words” like get more “young” members, Indian support is still there, grassroots, work for the masses, I need time to work for the community, etc), not that MIC can spring new surprises and bring on new changes now – they are hardly have the bargaining power to start with:-

However he implied that MIC did not have much role in the decision- making process.

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Good workout

A short snippet…

Last Sunday, time at home was fully occupied with clean up of the master bed room starting with clearing dust filled 2 luggage bags – it had broken latches. Next was checking and disposing old papers & documents (such as old bills, etc). Swept and mopped the room till the tiles started to shine again.… [Click to read the rest] “Good workout”