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Anwar Arrest: Timing, Timing, Timing

(Is there going to be another repeat of “black eye” for Anwar? Image source: BBC News)

It looks like it is all about timing doesn’t it?

The Star reported Deputy Home Minister Datuk Wan Farid Wan Salleh as saying:-

Asked why the police had not waited until 2pm before making the arrest, Wan Farid said: “What’s the difference between 20 or 50 minutes?”

Well, well perhaps they (still) think Malaysians are idiots but 20 – 50 minutes does make a huge difference for many of us. On a good day, it takes less than 20 minutes to reach my house, what more 50 minutes? And certainly there was a deadline at 2 pm for Anwar – whether he will make or not, is not a decision for the police or certain puppets to make. It is up to Anwar to, by hook or crook, make it for 2 pm appointment with the police.

There is no other evidence to show otherwise. According to Anwar’s lawyer quoted in Malaysiakini:-

“In fact, several minutes before the arrest, the investigation officer DSP Jude Pereira called us to ask if were coming. We replied that we would be there at 2pm sharp,” he said.

“If Anwar had not showed up at 2pm, I would understand the need to arrest. The police have breached the trust and confidence we once had.

All time long, Anwar and his lawyers have maintained the stand that they will be there at 2 pm. The over zealous of the police leaves suspicious questions unanswered. When asked, the police gave an interesting reply:-

The police were worried that PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim would not show up at the Kuala Lumpur police headquarters by 2pm and therefore decided to arrest him.

What’s happening here? Worry about something that yet to happen? Where does the police think Anwar will run off? What now – the police are now acting on “future events”, akin to the police in the movie Minority Report? What’s next? Arresting people in case they commit crime in the future? Certainly the reality of a police state is looming closer and closer.

Now we know we have 2 “not so smart” politicians running the show at the Home Ministry.

The other (don’t know what to say lah) caused the mother of traffic jams last Monday based on just rumors and speculations – even cooked up a sorry story of a planned protest. Just how low you can go? The traffic jam certainly created more problems for the people and businesses (some even missed their crucial examinations) than what probably been caused by actual demonstrations (if there has been one).

So, can we now label the Home Minister as the real trouble maker (and not the phantom oppositions) and throw him to the streets? Certainly he is answerable for the stupid direction that he gave to the police – the damage done is not small.

Next in line for arrest is RPK – arrest warrant has been issued for him as well. Certainly on the offset, it looks like “someone” is working hard, very hard (never seen the ACA or the police working so hard on cases against politicians) to silence the oppositions ahead of the September 16 deadline for change of Government.

Anwar’s arrest – all because the police cannot wait for the 2 pm appointment? Or something “else” is being cooked in back? More questions than answers is cropping up indeed. What’s the next move?

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