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Bad Reversing

I probably need to open a whole new category…

This morning, I saw a car on the third lane of the highway, reversing because (I guess) the driver has missed the ramp couple of metres away. The car – an old red Proton Saga sedan was reversing but it reversed without any reverse lights or indicators. All it had was brake lights. And traffic on the third lane often travels at speeds up to 80 km/h.

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If I am travelling on the third lane, from afar, I won’t have realised that the car was actually reversing until it is too late. I would have either hit the car that was reversing or the cars on the second lane when I avoided and skidded onto the second lane. Either way, the end result looks messy.

Thankfully, I was cruising on the first lane and missed the idiot completely. But it is indeed amazing to see the kind of idiots that we encounter on the roads these days.

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