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Botak’s Wisdom Talk?

Just listen to my wise talks - Albar

(This guy certainly can twist facts and fictions and we are not impressed at all. Image source: Reuters)

More “wisdom” from the Home Minister (quoted in Malaysiakini):-

“I don’t think there will be riots in Malaysia as a result of this arrest,” he said, adding that citizens were already annoyed at the disruption caused by recent anti-government demonstrations.

Well, agree that there should not be any riots – and it is not because the citizens are annoyed with the disruption but rather because it will only give a stronger excuse for further curtail of the voice of the oppositions in this country. The last few events in recent times since the last election in this country certainly pointing towards this notion, doesn’t it?

And talking about “citizens were already annoyed at the disruption caused by recent anti-government demonstrations” – this Minister still spinning lies?

Firstly there was no such thing as anti-government demonstrations. There were none in the first place (the last it happened, it happened last year). The Government got spooked and claimed there to be one (no solid proof were given).

Secondly there were indeed disruptions but it was not from the so-called demonstrations but rather from police road blocks all around Klang Valley and guess by whose direction? Why the police didn’t limit road blocks to Parliament perimeter? Certainly that would have reduced the disruptions around Klang Valley.

What the police and the Government hope to achieve by creating the “mother all traffic jams”? Minister, what is your reply on this?

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