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Duress or not?

Was duress played a part is making the first SD or when retracting it?

Certainly someone’s ass was on fire AFTER the first SD, not before. One reader in Malaysiakini nails the point as follows:-

David138: Between the first SD and the second SD by P Balasubramaniam, I am inclined to believe the first SD to be truthful.

First of all, it is more reasonable to believe that he was under duress for the second SD, because he had exposed and linked a powerful politician to the murder case of Atlantuya, but all references to this person in the second SD has been expunged.

Without question, he must have been threatened in someway to do so. It is laughable to expect the public to believe that the opposition, especially Anwar Ibrahim (who himself is embroiled in a scandalous accusation) has the means and the power to put him under duress.

All Bala needs to do is to report Anwar Ibrahim to the authorities, and they will welcome him like a sweet singing canary, and perhaps later even earn himself a ‘Datuk’ title for good service to the nation.

What is clear is that, in the first SD, it took courage to come forward to put one’s name on the dotted line. The pressure and the risk he and family will face in the aftermath is not for any ordinary soul like us. Perhaps only a person of Raja Petra’s background and calibre can withstand such a high pressure and risky challenges.

In the second SD, the risk element has disappeared and it really make no relevance to the outcome of the on going trial.

So why does he need to make the second one?I am afraid Balasubramanian has made his point.

The 2nd SD probably is made under duress instead of the 1st SD.

Further details in Malaysiakini

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  1. Bala you just screwed up your Indian brothers and sisters. Hindraf will be ashamed of you. Kindly remove your ” Misai ” before it is removed by Hindraf.

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