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Hollow Resolutions

(MIC – all talk, no actions? All resolutions, no real action? Image source:

Will hardly make a dent but anyway…

MIC had concluded its one day AGM and certainly it has passed without most of us hardly noticed. I am sure the same old story would have been tossed for the audiences (the usual “key words” like get more “young” members, Indian support is still there, grassroots, work for the masses, I need time to work for the community, etc), not that MIC can spring new surprises and bring on new changes now – they are hardly have the bargaining power to start with:-

However he implied that MIC did not have much role in the decision- making process. “Although we are partners in Barisan Nasional, we can only see what is happening. We are not active participants. Still it is their (Umno) decision,” lamented Samy.

Oh Samy, we had known that for a long time now but as I was reading further into the AGM, what really caught my eyes were the resolutions passed in the AGM.

From WantedGal Corporation:-

Resolution 2: Support For The President MIC

Recognising the dynamic leadership of Dato Seri Samy Vellu and appreciating his contributions and commitments towards the advancement of the Malaysian Indian community; Noting that the support of the Indian community towards the BN Government during the GE 2008 had significantly diminished; Pledges full support to the President for his efforts to unite the Indian community and to strengthen the Party machinery through the “Re- Branding MIC” exercise.

Perhaps Resolution 2 could be reworded it as “President MIC still holding on to the post despite significantly diminished support of the Indian community”.

Hmm, looks like there is plenty of rebranding except at the top. The same echoed in Malaysiakini:-

If anyone ever needed one compelling example and explanation of why the state of vast numbers of marginalised Indians in the country is as such, you need not go further than read the interview in its entirety. The answer will stare you right in the face.

If this interview was part of the man’s strategy to reinvent himself and the MIC, he’s sure doing a fine job – like with his prior record as MIC president – of botching things up. And imagine, this is the guy who has been the BN regime’s spokesperson for Indians all these years.

And if things go according to his plan, we’ll shortly see him reaffirmed as president of the party – yet again. Stay tuned, the Samy Vellu Show will continue….

But what really caused the MIC to be bastards themselves was this resolution:-

Resolution 3: Barisan Nasional Committees

Noting That The BN had lost control of the State Governments of Selangor, Perak, Kedah, Pulau Pinang and Kelantan to the opposition parties at the GE 2008; Further noting that MIC has no representation at State and Local Government levels in those five states; Urges the Federal Government to establish representative committees at State and District levels under the BN to serve the people of those states.

What the fuck the MIC fellows are talking about? Just because the states are not under the Barang Naik BN Government, they should stop the rightful public funds (just interpret “Federal Government” to establish representative committees) to the states (which is controlled by the citizens elected oppositions”)? Create another entity at state level to waste money, effort, man powers and down right insulting, to do what the people’s representatives elected to be doing in the first place?

This reminds of the UMNO fellows appointing another entity at state level to handle the village affairs when there already formally appointed village heads by the State Government to handle the same job. Another con job in the making!

When the state is controlled by BN, millions were wasted like water and critics were silenced swiftly but when the people elect oppositions to govern the state, cries of accountability, need to spend for the benefit of the people, show concern and many more “wayang kulits” was displayed.

You want to create “state level” committees, by all means go ahead – just make sure you don’t put your hands on the public funds (which suppose to go to the State Governments). Whilst you are at it, perhaps you can check and work on things like this (thousands of ‘paperless’ Indian Malaysian children in Selangor alone).

Until then, screw the resolutions, screw the pointless rebranding acting – make real changes and end the sodomy of public funds deserved by all Malaysians irregardless of colour, religion or culture.

Like what the head honcho have said, we just hope that UMNO will ignore the Resolution 3 anyway.

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2 thoughts on “Hollow Resolutions”

  1. Hmmm…it’s just the same old story again and again isn’t. Its amazing how long he’s been in power at MIC. I mean, he’s making Tun’s tenure as PM look like an evening sunset 😛

    Cheers!!! 😀

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