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One for the weekend

Just a short one…

This will be the second week that I have missed on my “childhoodseries and I am guilty as charged. Hopefully I can write down something this weekend.

In the meantime, I will leave you with this:-

What do you see?

Further details next week but if you are “creative enough” to write a short post on the above, email to me and I will post it up in this blog (with due credits of course).

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1 thought on “One for the weekend”

  1. 1) A big white screen with a speck of black in it, and not a speck of black in a big white screen. ;p

    2) A drop of black paint in a white sea.

    3) An “inverted” white tunnel of death. (People who are just about to face death often report seeing a tunnel with white light at the end)

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