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July 2008


A funny thing happened yesterday…

The night before yesterday, as I was driving and avoiding crazy motorcyclists along the choked LDP, I suddenly thought of my driving license.

Why driving license? It’s because I could not recall whether I renewed it. And as oppose to my friends, I renew it on a yearly basis – don’t know why and don’t ask.… [Click to read the rest] “Unlicensed”

Childhood Memories: Part 9 – School And Huge Football Field

la salle school field childhood

(A field that is bigger than the school building area and holds a 400-meter track, 2 football fields, basketball court and still had more space to spare. Image source: Google Earth)

When I was in my secondary school (the good old La Salle Brickfields), I was in the Boy Scout (aka Pengakap) – in fact, I ended up as the Boy Scout troop leader at the end of schooling days. And one of the highlights of being in the Boys Scout is going camping at the edge of the school field.

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