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Political Circus, Once Again

It has been tiring in the last few day…

To summarize the last few day, let me recap what Marina Mahathir has wrote in her blog:-

I don’t know about you guys but I really can’t keep up anymore with what’s happening. With all these endless statutory declarations, police report after police report, statements hither and thither, I can’t get any of it straight anymore.

Who did what to whom? Who has been plotting to do what to whom? Who hates who, who loves who? Sorry, I don’t know anymore. I’d rather watch CSI frankly (or rather, right now, Wimbledon, which has just as much drama. Go Zheng Jie! )

She have read my mind!

(Many types of “screwing” happening in Malaysia. Image source:

These days, it has been nothing but about someone been screwing someone:-

First Anwar was accused of sodomising his young aide.

Anwar denied it and went offensive.

Anwar filed police report against the IGP and AG of misconduct.

Then Anwar revealed new evidences against the DPM

DPM has denied the allegations (his statement that he did not meet Altantuya reminds me of Clinton’s statement that he did not had sex with Monica. Very familiar indeed)

Whilst this has been happening, other events have been taking places too. The obvious one is the crash of systems in Bursa Malaysia. The timing of this event was certainly adverse to Pak Lah’s administration who been seeing the KLCI losing points for some days now

It is a bit interesting to imagine what would happen if Barang Naik BN had won the GE2008 with an overwhelming majority? The Parliament would have been a mere rubber stamp, Pak Lah and the DPM would have handled the ‘rumours” more confidently and perhaps we would have seen further increase in fuel price and blatant wastages. And Samy Vellu would probably have come out happy with another toll price increase.

But it did not happen that way, did it?

The Oppositions are holding crucial 5 states and the Parliament has more aggressive young opposition MPs such as Gobind Singh, Tian Chuan, Guan Eng and more to scrutinise whatever shit that is been pushed to the Parliament for endorsement (and later to be claimed as “the people had approved it”). All it takes is one wrong move and the Parliament (with enough opposition MPs) can strike out the Government’s laws.

Pak Lah’s position has been shaky since the last general election and it is getting shakier by the minutes with fresh allegations against his Deputy, rise of consumer goods and of course, Anwar’s target to take over the Government looms nearer. Will we see the end of this uncertainty and political circus after September 16 – the day that Anwar targeted to take over the Government?

In the meantime, more screwing is expected to happen in the next few days…

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