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Slamming the phone

(Angry callers. Image source:

I just hate this…

Someone calls and from the other end is not happy with my actions or decisions and just when I am trying to explain on why I took the said actions or  decisions, they slam down the phone. Very unprofessional!

You have a problem? We can negotiate, we can discuss, we can clarify, we can even compromise but once you slammed on the phone (as if I work for you), all deals are off and we stick back to original agreement.

Some people take goodwill for granted – they think that we are duty bound to provide certain obligations without them realising that the obligations provided is on a goodwill basis and is not meant to be permanent.

What they try to achieve here? Showing that they are “really” not happy? They could have just emailed or “sms-ed” me – I would have got the hints but don’t think that it will change my decisions. It hardly gets dents.

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