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Some Ladies…

I don’t know lah…

This is the 2nd time in this week, I had a lady driver in puny Kancil cutting into my line (the gap in front of my car is not even enough for a small bike) without advance notice (as usual – never use the fucking indicators!) and when I horned this reckless driver, only then she puts up the indicators (what for I don’t know).

Thankfully my brakes have been performing extraordinary well. When I managed to cut back and overtake this idiot, all I saw the driver staring to the front – oblivious to the traffic on her left and right.

The last I saw this idiot; she was cutting into another lane, again without any indicators and without any consideration on the on-coming traffic. Sigh.

(What some drivers rightfully deserves! Imagine source:

The next time, I just hope that when she pull the similar stunt of cutting in without any warning, she will be hit by large truck, somersault several times on the air and lands on the road flat, crushing the idiot in the process.


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2 thoughts on “Some Ladies…”

  1. hahahha…Go easy there sir. Women have so many gifts granted by God. Patience, strength, empathy and kindness are just a few. One thing thing that He did not give (maybe for fairness and balance) is spatial ability….sadly 😛

    Cheers!!! 😀

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