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Law 101: Can Someone Be Un-sodomised?

(What is the police waiting for? Image source:

If anyone claimed to be sodomised, it looks like it has to be the Government…

Whilst the Government at large (Pak Lah been doing the MIA role) have kept away from being involved the alleged Anwar’s sodomy case, 2 main people from the Government, the Deputy Prime Minister and the Home Minister have been in the mess, neck level from the very start. And the mess now seemed to have hit the fan.

Now there seems to be a leaked medical report and the details (if true) are not in favour of the Government or the police. From Malaysian Insider:-

Malaysia Today editor Raja Petra Kamarudin’s claimed that Dr Mohamed Osman Abdul Hamid from Hospital Pusrawi found no signs that Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan had any injuries consistent with sodomy in a June 28 medical report. Saiful had lodged a report on that day that Anwar had sodomised him two days earlier and on other occasions when they travelled together abroad.

If one reads the entry at Malaysia Today, it was further revealed:-

Dr Mohamed Osman examined Saiful but found no evidence that he had been sodomised, either by Anwar Ibrahim or anyone else for that matter. The doctor’s report (which can be viewed below) says that there is zero (0) skin tearing, zero (0) active bleeding, zero (0) traces of pus, etc., which basically means he can’t be suffering from a pain in the anus as what he alleges.

The doctor’s diagnosis is that he rules out or TRO (to rule out) assault (sodomised). In short: Mohd Saiful Bukhari Bin Azlan is not suffering any pain in the anus and neither was he assaulted or sodomised in the anus.

Saiful then said he would like to make a police report so Dr Mohamed Osman suggested he go for a second medical examination at a government hospital. Saiful did so and the doctor at the government hospital also came out with the same diagnosis. Nevertheless, Saiful still made his police report at the pondok police in the hospital.

If 2 doctors on different occasions and hospitals have confirmed that Saiful was not sodomised, then why the police and the Government have not dropped the case? Is there a fabrication of evidence at work? Raja Petra seems to thinks so:-

Well, that doctor’s name is Dr Mohamed Osman Abdul Hamid from the Hospital Pusrawi and he has now taken his entire family and has gone into hiding because the police are looking for him and they want him to change his medical report.

Just like the Razak’s PI who has gone into hiding, the doctor has done the same – the only difference between the two is the Razak PI implicated the DPM whilst the doctor freed Anwar from an earlier implication. Both of which does not look good for the police and the Government, no matter how one sees it.

Will the Home Minister cause another “mother of all traffic jams” to track this doctor down now? Will Pak Lah order another Cabinet level committee to study the “originality” of this medical report before recommending to the police? After all, not everyone can interpret doctor’s writing correctly, don’t they? And it is possible that such report was created to distract the sodomy investigations.

One thing for sure, the actions by the Government on the allegations against Anwar are getting comical by the day and we, the citizens aren’t standing by and laughing. We want the truth and we want to get on with our life – we need the Government to start working on our problems instead working on their own personal problems.

I leave you with this quote from a letter in Malaysiakini:-

The police are proud of their ‘royal’ tag but do they deserve it? Have they lived up to their name? Have their actions been noble? I think we know the answer. They must prove they are not mere political pawns but enforcers of the law without fear or favour.

Certainly we want someone to start acting strictly – will the police come clean, now that more “evidence” in support of Anwar seems to be cropping up now? And if they think the purported medical report is fake, to provide the real one? By the way, the last recount, the police have still yet to provide Anwar with the police report. Who shall we trust these days?

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