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Enforcement 101: When Driver License Had Expired

A funny thing happened yesterday…

The night before yesterday, as I was driving and avoiding crazy motorcyclists along the choked LDP, I suddenly thought of my driving license.

Why driving license? It’s because I could not recall whether I renewed it. And as oppose to my friends, I renew it on a yearly basis – don’t know why and don’t ask. It has been so since 1993.

(Driving license – sometimes we do tend to forget them because it is always hidden away in the wallets. Image source:

So, there I was amidst traffic jams and crazy riders thinking about my driving license. The first I did when I reached home to check this “document” and true to my gut feelings, it had expired. Not by couple of days but rather by almost a month.

I started to get nervous and worry about road blocks. At the same time, I was “kicking myself” for forgetting to renew my license.

Yesterday, I determined to renew it as early as possible and thought of taking time off to do this important errand. I mentioned this to my friends over breakfast and one of them, Alex was laughing and suddenly went blank. He seemed to have remembered something and quickly took out his wallet. He checked his driving license and he too had “missed the mark” by a month.

Thankfully, renewing the license at the post office was fast and easy (other than the long queue for the petrol rebates, damn!).

Have you renewed yours?

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