On Break

Over the weekend, I will be here…

Well, not here as in the picture above but by the seaside, having fun with my kid and relaxing with my family. Being away from Klang Valley is good mental exercise. With my cousin’s family joining in, it should nothing but sea, sand and beer.… [Click to read the rest] “On Break”

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The “Maybe” Good News

(Image source: http://www.skeptic.com)

Picked this from Paul Tan

If the Government is intent on reducing the petrol price – due to world fuel price (and not because Anwar is getting “closer” to the Parliament?), it is certainly good news for the people.

But here’s the fucked up part – where is the control to minimize the leakages of fuel subsidy?… [Click to read the rest] “The “Maybe” Good News”

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A Budding Photographer

I am silently training up my son to be the next photographer in the family. He already knows how to pose for the camera – just need him to teach other to pose as well. Just need to wait a couple more years before he gets his own camera.

For higher resolution, click here

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