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August 19, 2008

Dear Pete

(He is the man! Image source:

This has to be one notch up for Raja Petra….

Amidst the crazy world of politics, multiple legal suits and police reports against the man (not discounting the many along the corridor of power who is waiting to “get back” on man), Raja Petra still have the sense of humour – he starts the post with this:-

Is there something troubling you?

[Click to read the rest] “Dear Pete”


One fine morning, somewhere in northern part of Malaysia…

My son: Appa (dad), it’s morning time – wake up

Me (still drowsy): Hmmm…I am awake

My son climbed down from the bed and slept besides me

My son: Appa, I can’t close my eyes

Me: Why?

My son: When I close my eyes, I see a monster

Me: Monster?… [Click to read the rest] “Monsters”